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This homepage will show you, how African kitchens can be improved to introduce adapted technique for cooking, using much less wood, gas and attention.

Furthermore, you will find easy solutions using other made- to- copy- products like:



  • Retained heat baskets insulated by kapok or cotton wool.
  • One fire serving up to five cooking pots - basic of demonstration-kitchens.
  • Preheating of water in wast-bottles exposed to the sun, stored in baskets.
  • Constructions of chimneys next to your stove.
  • Clay-Mbaula-Stoves to save fuel-wood.
  • Protecting walls for cooking pots (curved bricks).
  • Wooden lids having several functions.
  • Final backing of bread, to use heat of the Mbaula-system.
  • (Mobil)-stove for straw and foils, to clean-up villages.
  • Hand-threacher for maize
  • Solar-tunnel-dryer for proceeding fruits, fish,....
  • Compost production and application in gardens and plantations (kapok,..)
  • Fertilizer bag - bare to transport manure...., easily by two sticks.
  • Your idea, experienced in your group.


Reasons of success of the International Kolping - movement.

Foundation of new Kolping-families

The Kolping -Movement is a Christian organization, which was founded 150 years ago by a shoe-maker. He became priest and helped young men to get organized. Industrialization came up in Europe and they had faced a lot of problems, which could be reduced only with the power of well - organised groups. They elected a chairman, a cashier and others, to maintain a tight linkage to the priest. This structure enables them to meet regularly and to work out goals for themselves by becoming brothers and sisters in a big family independent from their tribe and believe.

Helping each other within a Kolping-family

Kenia, Uganda, Malawi and many other countries, 61 in total, are members of the Kolping Movement. A regional office is installed in East-Africa, they provide You-tube-films for Agriculture and house management for women... If demand is high, a teacher will come to introduce more details.

Inputs of regional and higher levels

All religious movements try to help for life-management; sustainable lifestyle is the best to consider needings of our children and of our environment. New prayers come up, to get aware of new challenges in education, nutrition, peace and natural resources. Land grabbing is a new form of slavery, -elections of relayable brothers and sisters help to get the power in mind and hand to overcome.

Real life bridging and influencing Christian and Muslim churches.

My facts

My name is Hermann Determeyer, being a farmer in Germany and an engineer for agriculture. I have learnt African specialties in Ghana from 79- to 81 and on voluntary journeys to several countries. Sometimes my wife or one of our three children have joined me. I'm responsible for topics of energy and environment within the Meeting-Point Malawi.de a linked-up-group of Kolping in Germany. I'm working together with successful groups in Kenia, facing the same problems of their daily life.



WELCOME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ollAI2A_Gkw

INTRODUCTION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrSt4rGFr4w

MOLAR STOVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zilhobgD-lU

KAPOK PILLOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qMnfoT_6yQ

INSULATION BASKET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM7v2ll4kRQ

PERFEKT OVEN I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YAVPS-Aem0

PERFEKT OVEN II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCG5Ie1iKWk

SOLARCHANCE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeC2jzBAqgY

SOLARCHANCE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyY50W15KR8




  • (Wooden) lids should be used always. They minimize losses of heat on the top. If big pito-pots are used for cooking beer, I recommend to oversize the lid and to nail an iron-sheet to it, which is opened at front side. You can push a bit the lid backwards for easy stirring and observation. In some cases, a small whole in the lid ensures the same advantages. A permanent lid enables you to cover a blanket on the heating system, to reduce the flames by half and more. If practiced like this a big pot does not need any basket for insulation. Special lids are used to guide smoke into the chimney, a smoke-wrag helps to seal it. If practiced like this, you will find it very easy to use remaining heat of the stove for backing bread finally till next morning.
  • If you put some hot stones in your cooking-pot, covered by a thin metal to carry the bread, stored on your still warm Mbaula-stove and fully insulated by pillows, the quantified amount of heat will treat your bread till it gets ready, braun and tasty.
  • Ask a baker to use his experiences, too.
  • If you mix-up dry straw and some foils you will see it burns like petrol. You simply wrap some foils round long dry sticks, push them into a raised Mbaula-stove, attached to a chimney, you will realize a miraculous heat. Stalks of maize,... can be divided to fix the foils in between. Energy-collectors is a new profession for cleaning up villages, to recycle plastics and to harvest spier grass round your gardens and plantations and forests, in order to get fire-belts. Without this insurance, families will not start to plant fruit-trees and timber-trees. Villages will beco me very advanced, if all these activities are be realised by individuals organized in groups !
  • If you get a sheet of metal, you can knock it round like the fruit of maize is formed. A 1-cm blade is bent inside to brake out the maize, by turning the fruit inside the tube. Make it a bit conical, to get all sizes of cobs threshed.





A made-to-copy game on cartoon, plywood ... to create fun, knowledge and motivation for groups, like pupils, families, women- or farmer groups; there are sample- question tags for all challenges of life mixed-up with actions of su rprise.


We are all depending on good results achieved, which need to be exchanged. Mailing by internet and phoning is the best bridge the world ever connects.- Don't hesitate to use it – this week, the only week you have.




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